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Mvinix Systems, Inc.
2210 Lundy Ave
San Jose, CA 95131-1816
Phone: 408-321-9109
Fax: 408-321-9110

Mvinix Systems, Inc. automated 2 lines of SMT and well equipped with a superior amount of feeders.  With our flexibilities, we are able to deliver to you on any type of BGAs, from large BGAs to micro BGAs.  You bring it, we deliver it, there’s not a single job that we could not handle. 

With our latest SMT equipment and 3-D X-RAY BGA Nicolet 1400i, we are capable of placing any types of components from a large component to as small as 0201.  Our X-RAY inspection Nicolet 1400i machine used to ensures that all type of components placed perfectly every time. 

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